Ana Erčulj, artistic director of Vocal group Gallina

Born in 1985, Ana Erčulj completed secondary education in 2004 both at Gimnazija Ledina and the Conservatory of Music and Ballet in Ljubljana. She continued her studies at the Faculty of Arts in Ljubljana, at the departments of Musicology and Cultural sociology, graduating in 2013. During her undergraduate studies she spent a year in Utrecht, the Netherlands, as an Erasmus exchange student. She is currently studying choral conducting in Academy for music in Ljubljana.
As a singer and/or piano accompanist she has cooperated with a number of choirs, such as Ljubljanski madrigalisti mixed chamber choir and Vox Carniolus. She has led various choirs and vocal groups, among them Sekstet komplet, Solalei, Biser female choir, Domžale chamber choir … She had project concerts with Chamber choir Krog, male choir Vocal Academy of Ljubljana and female choir ČarniCe with horn quartet of Slovene Philharmonic orchestra. As an assistant conductor, she worked with Academic choir Tone Tomšič of The University in Ljubljana and its conductor Sebastjan Vrhovnik.
With her choirs and vocal groups, she has toured all over Europe, namely in Belgium, the Netherlands, Ireland, Czech Republic, Italy, Austria, Croatia and Serbia.
To extend her knowledge and perfect her skills, she continually participates in seminars and workshops for choral conductors led by acknowledged Slovenian and foreign conductors: Martina Batič, Johannes Prinz, Alois Glassner, Franz Jochum, Ragnar Rasmussen, Steffen Schreyer, Martin Steidler, Georg Grün, Gary Graden, Stojan Kuret and Marko Letonja. She participated in professional education and training for young choir managers and conductors at Polyfollia festival in France and took an active part in European academy for choral conductors in Graz in 2012 (led by Johannes Prinz). With the vocal group Sekstet Komplet, she also participated in two master classes for vocal groups held by a German sextet Singer Pur and a Finnish vocal group Rajaton.
She has been working with Gallina vocal group since its beginnings and in the year 2014 they won second prize in the vocal groups category as well as second prize in the romantic category in a competition in Arezzo (Italy).