Koncert Glasba za Ravensbrück


The concert titled “Glasba za Ravensbrück” (Music for Ravensbrück) is a unique project that musically links the female Slovene artists – singers, instrumentalists and composers – to the historic events in Ravensbrück, Germany. Ravensbrück was the biggest concentration camp for women during World War 2.
Today, eighty years later, the singers of the vocal group Gallina, accompanied by an accordion and a zither, perform the cycle of songs “Meni se zdi da prihaja pomlad” (I Think Spring is Coming). These songs, adapted by Katarina Pustinek Rakar, were sung by the Slovene camp prisoners.
In remembrance, new songs have been composed by young artists: “Das Ende” (The End) by Melani Popit, “Zimski dan” (Winter Day) by Ana Zlobko (lyrics by Simon Gregorčič), and “Hrepenenje” (Longing) by Teja Merhar (lyrics by Franc Zbašnik).
This is the first instance of music being written for a female vocal quartet, accordion, and zither in Slovenia.
Using shocking elements in their method of composition, the artists remind us that it is only time that divides us from the horrible events of World War 2, they criticize contemporary society, raise awareness, and warn future generations by remembering.
The concert is performed by the Gallina vocal group, accordionist Neža Torkar, zither player Franja Kočnik, and is conducted by Ana Erčulj.

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