About us

The vocal group that performs under the name Gallina was formed at the end of 2010. The group devotes a great deal of attention to the performance of Slovenian folk and art music, compositions from the world choral repertoire from the Renaissance to the present, and compositions from the golden era of Slovenian pop songs, as well as singing foreign vocal jazz and pop songs. A particularly important mission of the group is to encourage young composers to create new compositions, thus enriching the female vocal and choral repertoire.

In its creative work to date, Gallina has achieved a number of prominent successes. Among the most important are a gold award with distinction in the Regional Competition of Adult Choirs and Small Vocal Ensembles 2013 (Slovenia), a gold plaque and the award for the best vocal group in the competition Our Song 2014 (Slovenia), and second prize in the category of vocal ensembles and second place in the category of Romanticism in the international competition Polifonico Arezzo 2014 (Italy). In 2014, Gallina released its first CD, Kurje gospe (Hen Ladies).

In 2015, Gallina won both the Grand Prix and the categories of classical and folk music in the international competition Lipanjski zvuci in Petrinja (Croatia). Due to its uniqueness and its renowned quality, Gallina has been invited to perform by many Slovenian and foreign festival and concert organisers. In 2015, it appeared at several Slovenian and international festivals, including Festa della musica attiva (Italy), the 11th International Choral Festival (Slovenia), the Lent Festival (Slovenia) and the Kragujevac International Choral Festival (Serbia).

In 2016, Gallina toured Croatia and Bosnia and Herzegovina with a programme entitled The Adorable Five and performed a series of sacred concerts in churches with paintings by Tone Kralj in Slovenia and the border regions of Austria and Italy. At the end of 2016, the group released its second CD Prikupnih pet (The Adorable Five) and performed a series of concerts entitled Evergreen Gallina at various attractive locations in Ljubljana.

In 2017, Gallina performed in Utrecht in the Netherlands and participated in the competition InCanto Mediterraneo (Sicily, Italy), where it won first place in the sacred category. With the project Gallina DeLux, which connected vocal music with architecture and light, the group prepared a new series of concerts with an emphasis on folk music and new works by well-known Slovenian composers written especially for the occasion. In 2017, Gallina participated in as many as three national celebrations.

At the 2018 CorAmare International Competition in Sestri Levante (Italy), the Gallina Vocal Group won in two categories as well as gaining the Grand Prix. In September 2018, Gallina participated in the project Musik aus Ravensbrück, Musik für Ravensbrück (Music from Ravensbrück, Music for Ravensbrück) in Germany, where, in collaboration with two instrumentalists, the group honoured the memory of the women who died in the Ravensbrück concentration camp with a concert featuring new works and arrangements of folk songs by Slovenian composers.

In 2019, Gallina toured in Italy, Serbia, Germany, the Netherlands and Croatia, while in Slovenia it performed at major national events. With the support of the Slovenian Ministry of Culture, the concerts entitled Music for Ravensbrück also came to life at three different locations in Slovenia (Ljubljana, Koper and Celje). As part of the project of the same name, the publishing and record label of RTV Slovenia, ZKP RTV SLO, released the CD Glasba za Ravensbrück (Music for Ravensbrück) in 2021. With the recording of a sacred programme and release of the CD Meditationes (2021), Gallina marks the conclusion of its successful activities on the threshold of its tenth anniversary. In 2022, the vocal group collaborated with the Laibach group and the RTV Symphony Orchestra in the performance of the concert Alamut, which it will repeat in 2023 at concerts in Ljubljana, Trieste (Italy), Frankfurt (Germany) and Zagreb (Croatia). At the beginning of 2023, vocal group Gallina performed a high-profile tour of four full-length concerts in Germany with a final concert organized by the Slovenian Embassy in Berlin and the SKICA society, which she performed together with the composer and accordionist Aldo Kumar.

The Gallina ensemble in this project includes the singers Nejka Čuk, Federica Lo Pinto, Ana Plemenitaš and Višnja Fičor, under the artistic direction of Ana Erčulj.